Gordon Ramsay defends new restaurant in cultural appropriation row

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Restaurateur???s response criticised as being dismissive of Asian critic???s Lucky Cat review

Gordon Ramsay???s Lucky Cat restaurant, Mayfair
Lucky Cat is billed as an ???authentic Asian??? restaurant. Photograph: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants

Gordon Ramsay has hit back against accusations of cultural appropriation at his new ???authentic Asian??? restaurant after an east Asian food writer described it as ???a real life Ramsay kitchen nightmare???.

In a review of a preview event for Lucky Cat this week, the food writer Angela Hui said that she was ???the only east Asian person in a room full of 30-40 journalists and chefs???.

In accompanying screengrabs of posts to Instagram, she said she could only ???drink through the pain that this is an ???Asian??? event??? and characterised the restaurant???s approach as ???Japanese? Chinese? It???s all Asian, who cares.???

At the event, according to Hui, Ramsay said the head chef, Ben Orpwood, was ???way more qualified and experienced than me in this field??? by dint of having researched and travelled to south Asia for ???many months???.

Laura Whitmore, Gordon Ramsay and Gizzi Erskine attend a preview of the new Mayfair restaurant Lucky Cat.