Who is dying from coronavirus and in which NHS trusts?

UK victims are getting younger and London hospitals are those under the most pressure

A paramedic alongside an ambulance at St Thomas??? hospital in London
A paramedic alongside an ambulance at St Thomas??? hospital in London. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images

There have been 422 deaths from coronavirus in the UK to 24 March. The vast majority of these have been in England, with a growing number of deaths in trusts in London, according to figures analysed by the Guardian.

However, a handful of trusts in other parts of the country are also reporting large numbers of fatalities.

Victims are getting younger

To date, the deaths have largely been among older people. The first fatalities reported were of older patients in their 80s and 90s. However, victims of the virus are getting younger. In the last 10 days people in their 40s and 50s are dying every day. A 33-year-old is believed to be the youngest victim so far. On Sunday the NHS suggested an 18-year-old had died from coronavirus but it has since emerged they tested positive for the disease but died from an unrelated condition.

Also, deaths are no longer solely among people with underlying health conditions, as the NHS is reporting vulnerable patients are also among the dead. It is not clear which patients had an underlying condition and which were classed as ???vulnerable??? from the NHS England figures.

Deaths by NHS trusts

London NHS trusts are under pressure

London North West University Healthcare NHS trust in Harrow has reported 36 deaths in the past 10 days, the most of any trust to date. The first death at the trust was recorded on 14 March, since when deaths started to increase, and on 24 March a further 21 patients died ??? a quarter of all deaths recorded that day and the biggest daily toll of any NHS trust to date.

Other trusts in London that are starting to report an increasing number of deaths are St George???s University hospitals NHS foundation trust in Tooting, which has reported 17 deaths, and Barts Health NHS trust and University College London hospitals NHS foundation trust, with 12 deaths each.

Outside London, Frimley Health NHS foundation trust, which has hospitals in Frimley, Ascot and Slough, has reported 14 fatalities. The Royal Wolverhampton NHS trust has also reported 13 deaths to date.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The first death of a patient in Scotland was announced on 13 March, of an older person in the area covered by Lothian health board. This was followed by Scotland???s second death on 17 March. By Tuesday, that figure had risen to 16.

The first Welsh death, a 68-year-old who was being treated at Wrexham Maelor hospital, was reported on 16 March. The total number of deaths across Wales stood at 17 at noon on Tuesday. A woman in Wales became the first in the UK to die having contracted the virus in hospital. Northern Ireland has reported five deaths to date.


All data has been gathered from NHS England and matched to news reports where clear dates were not given in the notice of death. Deaths are dated to when the public is notified by NHS England, however this may not be the actual date the death took place due to a delay in reporting between trusts and the NHS. Due to delays in reporting, the overall total may not reflect the most recent national figures.

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