England: Find coronavirus cases and deaths in your area

How has the disease progressed where you live?

The chart below shows the areas in England that have had the highest daily peaks of new Covid-19 cases. Despite a first peak at the start of April, notably in Birmingham and Sheffield, cases in all areas have fallen in May.

Other areas have had less dramatic peaks of infection. Find the cases curve in your own area by typing into the search bar below.

The numbers of cases only include those who have been tested for Covid-19. The actual number of cases is likely to be much higher as many people with symptoms have not been tested. Cases data comes from Public Health England and includes only tests carried out by public health bodies.

At time of publication, approximately a third of positive tests were carried by commercial testers. While these commercial test results are included in the UK-wide figure, data about these tests is not available at a regional or local level. However it is still possible to compare trends between areas with the data we have.

Find out how many lives have been lost to Covid-19 in your area

The numbers for deaths are not as up to date as the numbers for cases. That is because it can take several weeks for deaths to be recorded.

Find the number of people who have died from Covid-19 in your area by searching below. Death data comes from the ONS and is recorded as the number of deaths each week since the start of 2020.